Case study

Committed to the objectives

Digital strategy + Cloud + User experience

The Balisac

The client requested an eCommerce platform where they could sell their products online. Furthermore, they required a strategy that contemplated the generation of sales through digital marketing.

For that we designed a digital strategy with a holistic approach. In it, we elaborated a concept of brand, communication strategy and operative procedures. We developed a sales platform in line with the values that represented the brand, integrating metrics and studying the experience of the consumer in detail.

Digital strategy + Cloud + Immersive computing + User experience


The client required the creation of their brand image, just like the elaboration of a launch to the market strategy successfully in a short period of time.

In order to tackle the project we defined a digital strategy based on the development of an art selling platform that integrated the latest technologies in user experience. In its implementation we initiated the development of a multi-platform app with immersive computing technology. Additionally we created a system of user-artist managing to facilitate the internal administration of the client.



The client requested the design and development of an eCommerce platform together with the installation of a point of sale terminal for the physical shop with an essential requirement: maintaining the stock of the shops unified and synchronised.

We offered an effective solution being supported by our Cloud service in which we captured the necessities suggested by out client based on the SaaS (Software as a Service) model. Through the platform they could manage all the operations of the brand, whether they were from the webpage or the shop indistinctively.